Waterfowl A to F

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We don’t have every breed and species yet, but we’re working on it…

Abacot Ranger

African Black Duck

African Comb Duck

African Goose

American Black Duck

American Buff Goose

American Comb Duck

American Wigeon

Andean Goose

Appleyard Duck

Australian Shelduck

Aylesbury Duck

Baikal Teal

Bar-headed Goose

Barnacle Goose

Barrow’s Goldeneye

Bean Goose

Bernier’s Teal

Black East Indian Duck

Black Swan

Black-bellied Whistling + ssp

Black-headed Duck

Black-necked Swan

Blue Duck

Blue Swedish

Blue-winged Goose

Brant Goose

Brazilian Merganser

Brecon Buff Goose

Bronze-winged Duck

Buff Back and Grey Back Goose


Cackling Goose

Campbell Duck

Canada Goose


Cape Barren Goose

Cape Teal

Carolina (Wood Duck)

Cayuga Duck

Chestnut Teal

Chiloé Wigeon

Chinese Goose

Chinese Merganser

Chinese Spot-bill

Cinnamon Teal

Common Eider

Common Goldeneye

Common Merganser

Common Scoter

Common Shelduck

Czech Goose

Egyptian Goose

Embden Goose

Emperor Goose

Eurasian Wigeon

Eyton’s Whistling

Falcated Duck

Falkland Steamerduck

Franconian Goose

Freckled Duck

Fulvous Whistling Duck