Just Quackers

Who’d have thought so many people would check out our seven-second clip of a shouty Call Duck? 14,913 so far, making it our biggest hitter so far since launching our

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2 Steller's Eiders swimming

Steller’s Eider

When a rare goose or duck arrives in the UK, the first question asked by the birding world is whether or not it might be a captive escape. Accidental or

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After the Lord Mayor’s Show…

After the Lord Mayor’s Show… Reserve Show Champion, Embden gander from John Richards waits patiently for his return. John, our past President was busy helping with the clear-up operation.

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Long-tailed Duck

A long-lived bird in the wild, the Long-tailed Duck Clangula hyemalis spends most of its life at sea, often congregating in huge rafts. It is believed to be the species

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Shiny is not just for Strictly

Most of our domestic breeds of duck are descended from the Mallard Anas platyrhynchos. This breed takes its name from Cayuga Lake (which is itself named after the native Cayuga

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Mandarin drakes sitting pretty

What was your Gateway Bird?

Was this your ‘gateway’ bird’? The Mandarin Duck Aix galericulata is our bird of the month for September. Well any month really, for it has introduced many to the diverse

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A popular calling

Just what is it that makes the Call duck so popular? These small, cobby, gobby and bright birds regularly make up the greatest proportion of exhibits at waterfowl shows. Weighing

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Smoke and Mirrors

The Speculum feathers, Latin for mirror, on a wing are an area of iridescence usually on the secondary Flight feathers. The Brazilian teal has a large area of lustrous green,

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Bread or no bread?

Debates rage about whether we should feed bread to waterfowl in public places. In times of hardship, bread is certainly better than starving, however there are better alternatives. Many people

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