Members’ Photos

Our members have all sorts of waterfowl; pets, show birds and critically endangered species. We are rightly proud of our birds. Do you have a great image that belongs here? Send it to us from the Member Area.

Freckled Duck bathing

Waterfowl — our passion

Wild Greylag Geese swimming

Apricot Trout Runner duckling

Harlequin Drake

Broody Call Duck

Andrew Wetters – Championship Judge

Brown Chinese Geese

Abacot Ranger ducklings

Red-breasted Merganser

White Ducks in Winter

Drake giving it some attitude!

European Wigeon

White-backed Duck pair

Lake Duck preening

Successful young exhibitor

White-faced Whistling Duck

An armful of Crested Ducks


Cuteness overload

Judging Sebastopol Geese

Swan Goose

Spotted Whistling ducklings

Eider Duck on nest

Tilly is so proud of her Runners

White-faced Whistling Ducks

He’s nearly as big a you!

White-backed Duck

Examining a Hook-billed Duck


Hawaiian Goose (Nēnē)

Alert Laysan Ducks