Members’ Photos

Our members have all sorts of waterfowl; pets, show birds and critically endangered species. We are rightly proud of our birds. Do you have a great image that belongs here? Send it to us from the Member Area.

Andrew Wetters – Championship Judge

Cuteness overload

Freckled Duck bathing

White Ducks in Winter

White-backed Duck

Broody Call Duck

An armful of Crested Ducks

He’s nearly as big a you!

Waterfowl — our passion

Examining a Hook-billed Duck

Tilly is so proud of her Runners

Wild Greylag Geese swimming

Enjoying a splash

African Goose (Grey)

African gander (Grey)

White-faced Whistling Ducks


Harlequin Drake

Teal collection


Successful young exhibitor

White-faced Whistling Duck

Lake Duck preening

Hawaiian Goose (Nēnē)

Abacot Ranger ducklings

Drake giving it some attitude!

Spotted Whistling ducklings

Swan Goose

Rouen duck (Mallard)

Brown Chinese Geese

Apricot Trout Runner duckling

Alert Laysan Ducks

Go away!


Judging Sebastopol Geese