Waterfowl on the Web 2022

Class no 7 — Bantam Ducks

Small ducks have become very popular as pets in recent decades. They are cheap to keep and are ideal garden pest controllers. Their popularity probably rose after the banning of wildfowl from exhibition pens in the UK. All four bantam ducks are represented in our show:

  • Black East Indian
  • Miniature Crested
  • Miniature Silver Appleyard
  • Silver Bantam

Call Ducks
would fall into bantam ducks but are treated as a separate catgory because they are so popular.

Class winner 7.2 Crested Miniature from Charlie Smithem

Best of breed:

Black East Indian 7.1 John Richards

Miniature Crested 7.2  Charlie Smithem

Silver Bantam 7.4  Mayers Family

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