Waterfowl magazine is our premier method of keeping in touch with members. Our high quality full-colour magazine is sent to all members three times a year. With content relating to every aspect of waterfowl, we bring together the best for you to enjoy.

Bringing our members together at open days is an important part of our activities. Visits to member collections give you the chance to see venues that are not normally open to the public. Workshops and practical demonstrations have taken place all over the country. Fundraising to support our conservation and educational activities takes place throughout the year.

Our flagship event for exhibition birds is the Champion Waterfowl Exhibition, normally held on the first Sunday in November. It’s an excellent opportunity to see the wide variety of domestic duck and goose breeds available. Meet fellow enthusiasts, breeders and judges to get the best advice about top quality waterfowl. 

Sadly, we have decided to cancel the Champion Waterfowl Exhibition for 2020. This is not a decision we have taken lightly, but none of us would wish to be in a position of putting anyone at risk. We will however, soon be sending out details of an online mini-show. We hope that many members will be able to showcase the birds you are most proud of and we will feature these in the Winter edition of Waterfowl. We plan to host a really fabulous show in 2021 at the Stratford Park Leisure Centre. 

Shows are held during the autumn and winter months. Birds are looking their best in fresh breeding plumage. They also travel better in cooler weather. 

The BWA runs the Exhibitor of the Year scheme for all domestic waterfowl breeds. Shows around the country are included and points gained accumulate towards the overall best exhibitor for each breed. Viagragener