Our Work

Membership supports our core values in the three main areas of our charitable objectives:


To promote the study and conservation of waterfowl

  • Waterfowl and their habitats: informing members through our magazine, the general public via the website and also by attendance at events throughout the UK. 
  • Recognition is given annually to members seen to be contributing in the areas of Conservation, Wildfowl and Domestic Waterfowl.
  • To carry out research and undertake activities to promote knowledge of and interest in waterfowl.


Upholding the highest standards of welfare and promoting a greater appreciation of waterfowl

  • Communicating with members and the general public to advise on health issues, for example Avian Influenza.
  • To provide facilities for the education of the public about wild and domestic waterfowl.
  • To bridge the gap between town and country.
  • To involve people of all ages in preserving the balance between industry and the wellbeing of man and waterfowl.
  • To provide information and assistance to those interested in keeping waterfowl in many different circumstances.
  • Making detailed information about husbandry available to all who care for waterfowl.


Carry out research and undertake activities to promote knowledge of and interest in traditional breeds of waterfowl

  • To improve the welfare of birds in a maintained environment.
  • Upholding standards of the breeds and organising regular exhibitions of quality domestic stock.
  • Representing the interests of owners and breeders, in consultation with the appropriate UK and European Government departments.
  • Presence at events and shows to educate the general public about domestic ducks and geese.
  • Supporting the preservation of domestic breeds and publishing the British Waterfowl Standards.

How are we administered?

Our governing council of nine meets at least quarterly. In this digital age, we are able to achieve far more than ever before. In addition, 4 officers; Publicity, Webmaster, Events and Fundraising and PCGB Liaison, attend and vote on matters relevant to their remit.

Four committees; Domestic Waterfowl and Showing (DW&S), Finance and General Purposes (FGP), Membership, Education and Publicity (MEP) and Wildfowl, Conservation and Legislation (WCL) assist council. Subcommittees for the show and exhibition standards do those things.

There are two patrons, recognised for their outstanding and long-term contribution to the health of the Association.

Our Honorary Veterinary Officer is Victoria Roberts BVSc MRCVS. Victoria is a regular contributor to our magazine and advises the Association on veterinary matters.

Our part-time salaried secretary keeps the show on the road and stops us getting above ourselves.

The president is elected for 3 years, usually after serving as vice president for the preceding 3. As officers and council members, all serve the Association to the best of their abilities and give their time and expertise freely.