Waterfowl on the Web 2022

Class no 9 — Coloured Runner Ducks

Indian Runner Ducks are used on organic farms and vinyards for pest control; content in a large flock and not much given to flying, they are easy to manage. There is however, a huge following both in Europe and North America for showing Indian Runner Ducks. Including white, there are now fourteen standard colours in the UK, and several more in Australia and Germany. The Bali is a crested runner, but is judged separately from the runners.

Class winner 9.4 Fawn female from James Rigby

Best of colour:

Black 9.3 James Rigby

Blue Dusky 9.7 James Rigby

Chocolate 9.5 Christopher Bennett

Chocolate Mallard 9.12 Tom Davis

Fawn 9.4 James Rigby

Fawn & White 9.10 James Rigby

Mallard 9.16 Tom Davis

Trout 9.11 James Rigby

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