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African Goose

African Goose - Carl Donner

Heavy breed

Domesticated Swan Goose Anser cygnoid

Exhibition Africans weigh up to 12.7 kgs – the size that they reportedly reach in their area of origin in SE China. The large head, with a stout bill, carries a crescent-shaped dewlap, unlike its cousin, the Chinese Goose which has an unadorned throat. The body is large and quite long, but carried fairly upright, giving the birds a height of 3 feet or more in the show pen. Like the lighter weight Chinese, they are a most attractive colour with a brown stripe down the back of the neck in contrast to the cream dewlap and throat. The body feathers are ashy brown, edged with a lighter shade. Africans are bold, vocal birds and appear very imposing because of their height. Hand-reared, they make wonderful pets in the large exhibition strains.

African Goose head
African Goose - Tim Daniels

At the opposite end of the weight scale to the Chinese Goose, the African still stands tall and proud and seems to enjoy its presence. Transporting them calls for a tall box. Despite their mass, African Geese usually have a mild and easy-going temperament.