Handsome Heavies

You asked us if we could have some online events whilst we cannot meet in person. Tom Davis hosted our first Facebook Live event today, 16th October, from Mudchute Farm

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Like a duck to water?

People ask how soon you can let a duckling onto water? Of course — wildfowl will swim as soon as they’re fluffed-up. For the most aquatic tribes, swimming water from

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Common Shelduck

Common Shelduck Tadorna tadorna is one of our most striking wild waterfowl and has fared well this winter. The BTO British Trust for Ornithology has published its latest WeBS –

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A drake gets a gentle polish before penning

Penning perfection

Well-prepared birds present well at shows, especially if they are calm and used to being handled. This Silver Bantam drake is getting a final wipe down before standing proud in

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Bufflehead drake swimming

Check out a diminutive diver

This tiny, attractive Sea Duck is a congener of the Goldeneyes; all 3 species are less marine than some in this Tribe. The Bufflehead, Bucephala albeola, is a widespread breeding

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Just Quackers

Who’d have thought so many people would check out our seven-second clip of a shouty Call Duck? 14,913 so far, making it our biggest hitter so far since launching our

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2 Steller's Eiders swimming

Steller’s Eider

British Waterfowl Association Steller’s Eider drakes — Zoe Brodie-James The smallest of the eiders, its genus Polysticta is monotypic — having a sole member. Along with the other eiders, it is

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