Smoke and Mirrors

The Speculum feathers, Latin for mirror, on a wing are an area of iridescence usually on the secondary Flight feathers. The Brazilian teal has a large area of lustrous green,

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Bread or no bread?

Debates rage about whether we should feed bread to waterfowl in public places. In times of hardship, bread is certainly better than starving, however there are better alternatives. Many people

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group of White-faced Whistling ducks

Reflecting Well

Many of you have commented how nice it would be to have a good reference for more of the waterfowl we keep. We are working on a website upgrade and

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Diligent mother - Lesser White-fronted Goose

Bird of the Month

June is the month of the Lesser White-fronted Goose Anser erythropus. This charming bird breeds in a discontinuous narrow band across Arctic Eurasia. You can distinguish it from the White-fronted Goose A.

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Ceanothus “Puget Blue” performs well every year

Hide the fence!

Many of our members are keen and skilful gardeners. Keeping your birds in a garden setting is very pleasing to the eye. Perimeter netting is never pretty but some plants

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Apricot Trout Runner duckling

Double blue dilution

Apricot Trout is a double blue dilution on the light phase wild type Mallard. The colour possibilities of Mallard ducks and their (domesticated) descendants are the same, regardless of the

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