Diligent mother - Lesser White-fronted Goose

Bird of the Month

June is the month of the Lesser White-fronted Goose Anser erythropus. This charming bird breeds in a discontinuous narrow band across Arctic Eurasia. You can distinguish it from the White-fronted Goose A.

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Ceanothus “Puget Blue” performs well every year

Hide the fence!

Many of our members are keen and skilful gardeners. Keeping your birds in a garden setting is very pleasing to the eye. Perimeter netting is never pretty but some plants

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Apricot Trout Runner duckling

Double blue dilution

Apricot Trout is a double blue dilution on the light phase wild type Mallard. The colour possibilities of Mallard ducks and their (domesticated) descendants are the same, regardless of the

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