A drake gets a gentle polish before penning

Penning perfection

Well-prepared birds present well at shows, especially if they are calm and used to being handled. This Silver Bantam drake is getting a final wipe down before standing proud in

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Bufflehead drake swimming

Check out a diminutive diver

This tiny, attractive Sea Duck is a congener of the Goldeneyes; all 3 species are less marine than some in this Tribe. The Bufflehead, Bucephala albeola, is a widespread breeding

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Just Quackers

Who’d have thought so many people would check out our seven-second clip of a shouty Call Duck? 14,913 so far, making it our biggest hitter so far since launching our

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Franconian Goose is our Cover Story

Our domestic birds have mostly arisen through selective breeding, to feed a growing population. The Franconian Goose is an old breed that developed along the flood plains of the winding

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2 Steller's Eiders swimming

Steller’s Eider

British Waterfowl Association Steller’s Eider drakes — Zoe Brodie-James The smallest of the eiders, its genus Polysticta is monotypic — having a sole member. Along with the other eiders, it is

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After the Lord Mayor’s Show…

After the Lord Mayor’s Show… Reserve Show Champion, Embden gander from John Richards waits patiently for his return. John, our past President was busy helping with the clear-up operation.

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Are you ready for colder weather?

Ice and snow present challenges to birds, particularly as many waterfowl are outside all year. Frostbite is a real danger to webbed feet, especially where there is no natural cover

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Long-tailed Duck

British Waterfowl Association Long-tailed Drake – Zoe Brodie-James Keeping the Long-tailed Duck is a challenge. Clean cool water is a must and they like to be in the company of

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Shiny is not just for Strictly

Most of our domestic breeds of duck are descended from the Mallard Anas platyrhynchos. This breed takes its name from Cayuga Lake (which is itself named after the native Cayuga

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Mandarin drakes sitting pretty

What was your Gateway Bird?

Was this your ‘gateway’ bird’? The Mandarin Duck Aix galericulata is our bird of the month for September. Well any month really, for it has introduced many to the diverse

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A popular calling

Just what is it that makes the Call duck so popular? These small, cobby, gobby and bright birds regularly make up the greatest proportion of exhibits at waterfowl shows. Weighing

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