Czech Geese

Protecting a mate

A gander will often stand between his mate and potential threats, his head down in a defensive posture. Here a male Czech Goose shows this primitive expression of aggression and

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Pomeranian Gander defending

She’s my girl…

This Pied Pomeranian gander is boldly defending his goose whilst she incubates. He rarely approaches the nest, but keeps visual and vocal contact with her. This breed also occurs in

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Australian Shelduck female swimming

Big shelduck, big attitude

Most species of the tribe Tadornini are found in the Southern Hemisphere; shelducks being more aquatic than sheldgeese. The Australian Shelduck Tadorna tadornoides is a large rusty-brown duck with large

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German Pekin Duck

German Pekins

The Pekin Duck we know today as an exhibition bird nearly died out in Britain, saved only by importations from Europe to bolster the bloodstock. Hence we call them German

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Egg candling chart

What is going on inside?

The embryo develops at a predictable rate inside the egg. By shining a bright light through the shell you can see how it is progressing. How easy it is depends

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Black-necked Swan cygnets

Black-necked Swans

The South American Black-necked Swan, Cygnus melanocoryphus, only develops the full black neck on its first adult moult. These swans are quite vocal and have a soft musical whistle. Though

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Thank you

To our lovely donors for your generosity: Dan Aldersley — Michael Attew — Philippa Mitchell — Andy Street — Billy Sumner — Waddesdon Manor — Paul Zwetsloot —

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