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To our lovely donors for your generosity: Dan Aldersley — Michael Attew — Philippa Mitchell — Andy Street — Billy Sumner — Waddesdon Manor — Paul Zwetsloot —

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3 Toulouse Geese

Gentle Giants

Toulouse Geese range tremendously in size and quality. Exhibition birds weigh 9-11 kg in the geese and 12-13.5 kg in the ganders. They are usually grey; pearly grey being preferred

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Delays with our magazine

We were very disappointed to hear that the printworks contracted to produce our magazine suffered a major fire at their factory earlier this month. The team are pulling out all

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It’s Showtime again!

Just a week to get your entries in to The Virtual Poultry Photo Shows 2020’s Winter Fest. Simply join the group and submit your photos by following the instructions in

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Chocolate and Black Forest Ducks

Forest Ducks

The Forest Duck is one of Belgium’s most beautiful breeds. It was created in 1890 by Sir Herman Bertrand. Unfortunately, almost all the Forest Ducks were slaughtered and eaten during

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Raja Shelduck bathing

Eyeing you up?

Very pale eyes seem to make that gaze all the more piercing! Though some species have pale eyes as an adult, they are often darker when the birds are young;

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