Pal-Mates — weekend web tip

I is for Ixworth.
The home of Reginald Appleyard, who developed the Silver Appleyard duck. Well known as a showman and broadcaster in his day, he said:
‘I like to see each bird “on the move,” no matter what the breed; action counts in all stock. The duck which carries herself properly and “goes well” is the sort likely to throw good progeny.’
The Appleyard is classed as a heavy duck, but the colour (genotype li/li Mᴿ/Mᴿ (light phase, mallard restricted) lightening and restricting the wild Mallard colour), can be bred into any shape of Mallard derivative, and is seen in Miniature Appleyards, Calls and Runners.
Silver Appleyard drake, looking a bit alarmed!