Pal-Mates … weekend web tip

Now we have our first real tropical spell of the year, here are a few tips to help your waterfowl feel more comfortable:

• Most waterfowl will cope fine as long as they have constant access to drinking water and shade
• Swimming water is helpful as waterfowl can regulate temperature through their feet
• Make sure everyone can find shade
• Keep water refreshed and clean
• Minimise stress
- consider catching and moving birds in a cooler part of the day
- do any moves early In the morning or later on in the evening
• Prepare lettuce or spinach ice cubes for enrichment
• Set a hose on fine mist to cool an area of the enclosure
• Consider cooling fans for indoor grower areas, especially if they have single skin roofing
• Delay delivering or collecting birds on unusually hot days
• Don’t neglect your own health, stay hydrated
• And again, make sure everyone can find shade