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Breed Type in White birds.

Breed Type is a term used in exhibition birds to describe the general shape or form of the bird that typifies the breed.
Most points (out of 100) are awarded for the different components that characterise Breed Type.

On the show circuit, white birds are definitely more popular than other colours; particularly for breeds such as Indian Runners and Calls.
As a result this colour tends to have birds of better Type - and white birds are frequently top contenders for Best Waterfowl or Best in Show!
Walk down the class of White Runners at the next Championship/National Show and see if you can spot the subtle differences in breed type.

The UK gene pool in White Indian Runners is larger than other colours which can help with keeping birds healthy.

In White Indian Runners major defects include:
- Black lines/beans on the bills in young females
- Any black on the bills in males
- Any coloured feathers in either sexes.

Breeding quartet of White Runners — James Rigby