Wetlands International launches new Waterbird Population Portal

The Waterbird Populations Portal (WPP) launches on 29th June. WPP is an online interactive platform that will make available the most recent data on the status and distribution of the world’s waterbird populations. It will provide the latest size estimates and trends of over 2500 populations of over 870 waterbird species and present the latest 1% threshold of each population, data that is vital for effective conservation action globally.

You can register for the launch webinar taking place on Tuesday 29th June, 1300-1400 BST here.

Wetlands cover a small percentage of the earth’s surface, yet they are essential systems – they are the arteries and veins of the landscape. They are rich in nature and vital to human life. They act as water sources and purifiers. They protect our shores. They are the planet’s greatest natural carbon stores. They are crucial to agriculture and fisheries. A world without wetlands is a world without water.