Dr Paul Johnsgard RIP

We are sad to report the passing of Dr Paul Johnsgard - renowned author of more than 30 books.
Foundation Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Dr Johnsgard received his doctorate from Cornell University. Individuals and ornithological organisations alike recognise him for for his contributions to knowledge of natural history and conservation.
'Throughout nearly four decades of my life I have never ceased to wonder at the mysteries of waterfowl — from their unnerring abilities to navigate from the arctic to the tropics and back again, to their wonderful languages of sound and movement, their mastery of the aerial and aquatic environments, and the unending visual delights of their take-offs, flights and landings. Indeed, once you have learned the rudiments of appreciating waterfowl, namely by learning to tell the species apart, you have only barely begun to appreciate them.'
We extend our condolences to the family and friends of Dr. Johnsgard.
Male North American Ruddy Duck, drawing by Paul A. Johnsgard
Male North American Ruddy Duck, drawing by Paul A. Johnsgard
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