Avian Influenza: Enhanced Biosecurity is still mandatory.

Following outbreaks in East Staffordshire (HPAI H5N8) and Cheshire (LPAI H5N3) toward the end of the month, DEFRA urgently reviewed the risk of avian influenza to both wild and kept birds and the implications of preceding with the lifting of the housing measures component of the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ). The GB-wide AIPZ requiring […]

Blue-billed Teal

Blue-billed Teal swimming

What’s in a Name?   In the latest version (v11.1, January 2021) of the International Ornithological Congress (IOC) master list of bird names, the Hottentot Teal has been changed to the Blue-billed Teal. This decision was made in concert with the BirdLife South Africa List Committee, as the former name has become offensive. The simple truth, […]

Dutch Barnacle Goose found in China

A Dutch-ringed Barnacle Goose has recently been re-sighted in Henan Province in eastern China, an astonishing 8,200 km from its natal home. The bird, which is colour-ringed with the combination ‘Yellow T Blue V’, was ringed as a juvenile male at Westplaat Buitengronden, one of the species’ breeding colonies in the south-west of The Netherlands, in July 2019. […]

Welcome to our new President

Richard Hedges has just taken over the presidency of the BWA. Acting as elected vice-president for the last three years, Richard is a real enthusiast for the larger domestic breeds, as well as the Silver Appleyard Miniature duck. He is a Goose judge and regular on the show circuit, and few people have done more […]

We are still in love with our birds

We are still in love with our birds Find out how the experts manage a zoological collection of exotic Phasianids, Columbids, Fischer’s turacos, Lybiidae & Passerines. Entrance to Waddesdon Manor and grounds (when restrictions allow) for up to 2 adults and 3 children, an aviary tour, afternoon tea and a biography of Walter Rothschild: The […]

Heavy Ducks at High Noon — Saturday 13th Feb

Domestic ducks at Mudchute Farm

Following his talk in the autumn that focused on heavy ducks, one of our council members, Tom Davis, will be doing a more general talk on domestic waterfowl and their husbandry on Facebook live. He keeps Chinese and Sebastopol geese; and on the duck front: Aylesbury; Pekin; Black Muscovy; the 3 colours of Rouen, White […]

The AGM is just a month away

2pm Saturday 27th February. The date and time are the same, but now we cannot gather together. Zoom is our plan B. All paid-up members will receive a log-in invite next week. Do we have your up-to-date email address? Our Winter Waterfowl magazine was sent with a ballot form for the AGM resolutions. Please contact […]

Leg ring survey

Leg Rings

Members of the Poultry Club of Great Britain have asked for alternative rings for waterfowl. Would you pay for metal rings? The current production materials (coloured plastic) are not robust enough, with the lettering wearing off very quickly. Please take part in this survey to help them decide on alternatives here.

Biosecurity advice update from DEFRA

The latest biosecurity advice has been updated and gives us much greater information about wild and domestic waterfowl, kept as we do. On top of all our other worries, Bird ‘flu has been significantly more prevalent this year. Occurrances started some 6-8 weeks earlier than in previous years and nearly 300 positive cases have been […]

Poultry and captive bird housing measures now in place for Northern Ireland

Housing measures are now in place in NI as part of the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone. This is in addition to measures in place for England, Scotland and Wales. All bird keepers now legally required to house their birds or take measures to prevent them mixing with wild birds. Review your Biosecurity requirements HERE. For […]