Non-native species

A number of members asked us about an email they have received recently from Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA). Past member of the BWA, Jason Finney, works for the GB Non-Native Species Secretariat and is in the second year of a scoping exercise looking at a wide range of sectors to assess the risk […]

Wetlands International launches new Waterbird Population Portal

The Waterbird Populations Portal (WPP) launches on 29th June. WPP is an online interactive platform that will make available the most recent data on the status and distribution of the world’s waterbird populations. It will provide the latest size estimates and trends of over 2500 populations of over 870 waterbird species and present the latest 1% […]

Dr Paul Johnsgard RIP

Male North American Ruddy Duck, drawing by Paul A. Johnsgard

We are sad to report the passing of Dr Paul Johnsgard – renowned author of more than 30 books. Foundation Professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Dr Johnsgard received his doctorate from Cornell University. Individuals and ornithological organisations alike recognise him for for his contributions to knowledge of natural history and conservation. […]

Heritage Breeds

This is International Heritage Breeds Week. 16-22nd May; aiming to to raise global awareness about endangered heritage breeds of farm animals. Many of our traditional livestock and poultry breeds have been replaced with more ‘improved’ breeds in modern animal agriculture, at the expense of a massive loss in genetic diversity. Worldwide, about one domesticated livestock […]

Avian Influenza Prevention Zone to be Lifted

Avian Influenza: keepers advised to remain vigilant as heightened biosecurity measures lifted   Changes to Risk Level The risk of avian influenza infection in wild birds remains low (rare but does occur). However, the risk of HPAI H5 exposure to poultry and captive birds across the whole GB has reduced from medium (occurs regularly) to […]

Softly fascinated by watery nature

New YouGov research, released by the Mental Health Foundation, has found 65 % of people find being near water improves their mental wellbeing and is their favourite part of nature. A new scheme in London called Blue Prescribing will allow up to 300 people experiencing poor mental health and with limited access to water in […]

Changes to what Bird Gatherings are Permitted

From the 21 April 2021, certain bird gatherings can take place in GB provided you notify the Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA) at least 7 days before the event and that you meet the requirements of the General Licence. This includes markets, shows, sales, exhibitions of pigeons, budgerigars, canaries, parrots, cockatiels and birds of […]

Avian Influenza: Enhanced Biosecurity is still mandatory.

Following outbreaks in East Staffordshire (HPAI H5N8) and Cheshire (LPAI H5N3) toward the end of the month, DEFRA urgently reviewed the risk of avian influenza to both wild and kept birds and the implications of preceding with the lifting of the housing measures component of the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ). The GB-wide AIPZ requiring […]

Blue-billed Teal

Blue-billed Teal swimming

What’s in a Name?   In the latest version (v11.1, January 2021) of the International Ornithological Congress (IOC) master list of bird names, the Hottentot Teal has been changed to the Blue-billed Teal. This decision was made in concert with the BirdLife South Africa List Committee, as the former name has become offensive. The simple truth, […]

Dutch Barnacle Goose found in China

A Dutch-ringed Barnacle Goose has recently been re-sighted in Henan Province in eastern China, an astonishing 8,200 km from its natal home. The bird, which is colour-ringed with the combination ‘Yellow T Blue V’, was ringed as a juvenile male at Westplaat Buitengronden, one of the species’ breeding colonies in the south-west of The Netherlands, in July 2019. […]