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Summary Job Description

Council Meetings

• Prepare and distribute agenda & minutes for Council meetings (four per year) and the Annual General Meeting

• Attend and take minutes at Council meetings and participate in online meetings

• Prepare and present a financial report and general report including an overview of membership activity for Council meetings

Annual General Meeting

• Liaise with the chosen venue and member of Council organising the AGM

• Prepare AGM packs (to include accounts)

• Prepare and present a report of the year including an overview of the accounts and membership activity


• Receive and process membership applications (add details to database, accounts, direct debit (if applicable) and add user login to website, send welcome letter, membership card and relevant publications)

• Send annual renewal reminders

• Maintain up to date records on the database

• Back up database and other files weekly

Information and Communication

• Provide verbal and written information in response to the telephone/email/letters

Advertising in Waterfowl magazine

• Create and distribute advertising order forms

• Maintain detailed information of advertisers

• Send invoices and receipts

Waterfowl magazine

• Provide the printer (who distributes the magazine nationally) with a file with names and addresses of all current UK members

• Create labels for non UK members and organise distribution

• Provide information about Council Elections, create and supply ballot papers when necessary, supply a copy of the Accounts and a Breeder Directory reminder notice at the appropriate times.


• Respond to emails

• Add new members login details

• Promote, maintain and update Breeder Page regularly.

• Maintain Member sale adverts

Breeder Directory

• Send/email reminder letters and entry forms to members

• Invite members to be included in the next issue

• Collate returns

• Assist in creation

Champion Waterfowl Exhibition

• Provide administrative support to the Committee

Charity Commission

• Complete annual return and submit online


• Pay invoices

• File invoices

• Reconcile the bank statement monthly

• Finalise the accounts and present to the accountant by the end of October

• Liaise with the accountant

• Present draft accounts at the Dec/Jan Council meeting

• Prepare a report about the accounts for the AGM — include a copy in the AGM pack and the spring issue of Waterfowl.

• Pay secretary salary, PAYE to HMRC

• Collect income from sales of books and other merchandise

• Keep an account of stock and send to accountant at year end

Gift Aid

• Submit Annual Gift Aid Return to HMRC

• Maintain records


• Provide administrative support for Open Days, member events and educational events

• Provide administrative support to Council as necessary

• Co-ordinate events, issue tickets and collect relevant payments

• Maintain stock of books and merchandise