Pal-Mates …weekend web tip

  U is for underwater. All may be serene on the surface, but there’s lots going on below. Some birds prefer to stay topsides, but others spend time undewater foraging for food.

Pal-Mates … weekend web tip

  Q is for Quill. The bare part of the central shaft of a feather, nearest to the body. As the true feathers start to grow in youngsters, the feather is surrounded by a sheath and has a regular blood supply.   When these ‘pins’ as they are known, continue to grow, they are very […]

Are you secure?

Do you know the signs of #BirdFlu? See APHA’s list of signs here:… Contact your vet immediately if you suspect #AvianInfluenza. It is a legal requirement to report it to APHA if you are in England, Wales or Scotland. Unfortunately, as of 29th December 2021, there are now 65 confirmed cases of Avian Influenza […]

Are you a webbie?

 What would you call a bunch of enthusiasts who love ducks, geese and swans? We are paddling into the competition season with a search for a brilliant word. Comment on our Facebook page with your suggestion, like and share our post to friends and family and you could win a copy of the great new […]

Application form

The Christopher Marler BWA Award — Application Have you shown aptitude and skill in breeding waterfowl? Do you wish to study the subject in more detail or invest in breeding equipment? Do you aspire to go further?  This award, of up to £500, is envisioned for a young person who has already shown aptitude and […]

Members’ Adverts

montage of birds for sale

Members of the BWA are invited to advertise any birds/equipment they have available for sale. There is no charge. You can submit your advert via the Member Area.   •  Bird flu  • Before considering moving birds or equipment, do check whether they are in a restricted zone where this is not permitted. These areas […]