Remembering David Kinsman

Sadly we have to report that long-standing member, David J J Kinsman, passed away earlier this month. As a waterfowl keeper for more than 40 years, he was always generous with his time and birds and inspired many in our hobby.
As a young teenager, he and a friend took the bus from Bristol as far as they could and then set off walking to Slimbridge. As they walked, a Jag pulled up and they were offered a lift — in a Jag full of mud and waders. The driver was (Sir) Peter Scott, who went on to give the boys a tour around the site. That meeting remained as a good memory all his life. In the next edition of Waterfowl, we will reprint one of David's articles from the 1990s, when he pondered why a charming little brown duck seemed to be waning in popularity — the Laysan Duck remained one of his favourites.
Laysan Duck — Daniel Clark at Midway Atoll.