Red Sixty-seven becomes Seventy

 9 species of waterfowl are now on the UK 🔴 Red List. Bewick's Swan, Goldeneye and Smew have joined the likes of White-fronted Goose, our 2 native scoters and Scaup as top conservation priorities.
16 waterfowl species have been placed on the new 🟡 Amber List. The Red-breasted Merganser was moved from Green to Amber on account of non-breeding decline in the UK. Northern Pintail is now classed as Vulnerable at a European scale by the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.
The new 🟢 Green List includes just 3 waterfowl species, less than 11% of the total of them. Mute Swan has moved from Amber to Green, though the number of species on the Green List has stayed the same. Tufted Duck is also the only native diving duck not to appear on the Amber or Red lists, and its European population is decreasing.
Smew drake
Smew drake - Alex Levitskiy