Inspired by Geese

The BWA's latest Waterfowl magazine went to press this week.
A chance conversation about wakeful Roman Geese led to this edition’s theme. One thing led to another; our tie-up with Saddle Goose Wine, The Pilgrim Goose Project and several news items have given us plenty of content. Just how our birds breed does ultimately come down to genetics. It is a complicated subject, but Mike Ashton explores how you might prove some basic principles. Simon Hastead hails from the New Forest and hopes you will share his love of the wetland areas of one of the UK’s iconic National Parks. Charlie Hardcastle is the member profiled in this edition and we are grateful to Vicky Baldrey from the Royal Veterinary College for insights into the form and function of the bill.
After a year of great sadness for some, we hope our skills and achievements can be archived before they are lost. Is the RBST’s digital watchlist the way to go? With a feeling of some movement returning to the country’s activities, we can report a few upcoming events.
The magazines are in the post. Not a member? Here's a link ...
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