Franconian Goose is our Cover Story

Our domestic birds have mostly arisen through selective breeding, to feed a growing population. The Franconian Goose is an old breed that developed along the flood plains of the winding Rivers Main and Frånkische Saale. This area was part of the former Duchy of Franconia, in southern Germany. Various coloured (blue, buff and pied) small geese living in this region were selected and bred by farmers, resulting in a small, hardy active goose capable of raising good numbers of fast-growing goslings. They required little feed in harsh winters and were good for meat and feathers.

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These handsome little geese are becoming more popular and feature as the cover story for our latest magazine, Waterfowl Winter 2019, which should arrive on your doorstep well before the 6th day of Christmas (30th December).

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Franconian Geese - Priscilla Middleton