General Licences

Following public consultation, and on advice from Natural England, DEFRA have re-issued the General Licence WML-GL36. This permits the control of pest species listed in the licence. For the licence pertinent to: • England – see here. • Wales – see here. • Scotland – see here.

Project Laysan Duck

3 Laysan duck juveniles in the wild

The small brown duck with huge personality. We are still sampling feathers of Laysan Ducks. Our project is examining the genetic purity of the Laysan Duck, Anas laysanensis. We are still sending out sampling packs for Project Laysan Duck. Read more about the project  here. Contact us if you have not received your pack and […]

Parent rear or hatch in the incubator?

Mother Bufflehead leads her new brood

Parent rearing in a mixed collection can work really well if the stocking density is not too high. In fact, parent-reared geese tend to fare better as the balance of power tips in their favour. You’ll need to make sure the parents feel safe showing the youngsters where to feed. It can be a problem […]

The show season isn’t so far away!

Young exhibitor Tilly is rightly proud of her birds

It does not seem long since Tilly looked the Indian Runner Ducks in the eye, but now she’s getting ready for the show season. How are you doing? Our Champion Waterfowl Exhibition on 3rd November at Stratford Park Leisure Centre Stroud is not to be missed – everyone welcome! The schedule will be published here […]

Bird of the Month

June is the month of the Lesser White-fronted Goose Anser erythropus. This charming bird breeds in a discontinuous narrow band across Arctic Eurasia. You can distinguish it from the White-fronted Goose A. albifrons at all ages by its darker and overall daintier appearance; also the rounded head, small bill and yellow orbital ring. When adult, the white at […]