Are you secure?

Do you know the signs of #BirdFlu? See APHA's list of signs here:
Contact your vet immediately if you suspect #AvianInfluenza. It is a legal requirement to report it to APHA if you are in England, Wales or Scotland.

Unfortunately, as of 29th December 2021, there are now 65 confirmed cases of Avian Influenza in GB (57 in England, 5 in Scotland and 3 in Wales) and a few highly suspect report cases are pending.

We must all be aware of the actions already taken to limit the risk of spread of the virus, including the declaration of Avian Influenza Prevention Zones (AIPZ) and the introduction of a legal requirement to keep all birds (poultry and captive birds) indoors in Great Britain. It is therefore vital to adhere to the mandatory biosecurity measures required by the AIPZ.

Maintaining high standards of biosecurity at all times (24/7),  is a critical measure to stop the spread of Avian Influenza and thus maintain the health of your birds. Please review these biosecurity measures now.


Picture from Severn Edge Vets