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Just in case you have not got a copy of British Waterfowl Standards, we still have some available. 


1. Heavy goose/gander
2. Medium goose/gander
3. Light goose/gander
4. Non-standard purebred goose/gander (state breed/colour)
5. Heavy duck/drake
6. Light duck/drake
7. Bantam duck/drake
8. White Runner
9. Coloured Runner
10. White Call
11. Coloured Call
12. Non-standard purebred duck/drake (state breed/colour)
13. Pet waterfowl
14. Junior (under 16) exhibitor
15. Eggs

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Best heavy goose/gander
Best medium goose/gander
Best light goose/gander

  • Section: Best goose/gander

Best heavy duck/drake

Best light duck/drake

Best bantam duck/drake

Best White Runner

Best coloured Runner

  • Section: Best Runner

Best white Call
Best coloured Call

  • Section: Best Call

Best pet
Best junior
Best duck/drake

Best egg exhibit

  • Reserve Show Champion
  • Supreme Show Champion

White Chinese Goose Champ Gander

New to showing?

A bird in good condition is pretty much in show condition. Exhibition breeds and colours are standardised, with their ‘specifications’ set out in British Waterfowl Standards, or on our website for the recently accepted ones. These explain the basic genotype of the breed and how it should look. Judges look for how well the bird displays all these characteristics, as well as its overall condition. If all the features set out in the standard are good in your bird, you could have a winner!

Features might include:

  • Shape of the head, bill and neck
  • How the bird holds itself (carriage)
  • Body shape
  • Paunch (in geese)
  • Colour and shape of the wings
  • Colour of eyes
  • Shape and colour of the tail
  • Type of plumage
  • Colour and size of legs and feet
  • Colour pattern overall