Champion Waterfowl 2020

Welcome to our 2020 Show Results! Some of our results have been very close. We are very grateful to Championship Judge, Roy Pryce, for his careful deliberations. Thank you, everyone who entered. A full catalogue of entries can be viewed here. Supreme Show Champion 123, Buff Orpington, Brandon Brockett & Tom Goody Reserve Show Champion […]

Forthcoming Events

montage depicting BWA member events

All the shows detailed below will be subject to the AI regulations in force at the time of the event. The number of cases is tailing off, but it is a very long tail and we remain in ‘flockdown’. The statutory requirements are continually being re-assessed. Disease outbreaks do tend to follow cycles; indications from […]

Champion Waterfowl Exhibition

With an exceptional display of more than 500 domestic ducks and geese, the Champion Waterfowl Exhibition is an excellent opportunity to view the wide variety of domestic duck and goose breeds available. Our flagship show is on the last Sunday of October. It is one of the largest waterfowl shows in the country, with […]


Waterfowl magazine is our premier method of keeping in touch with members. Our high quality full-colour magazine is sent to all members three times a year. With content relating to every aspect of waterfowl, we bring together the best for you to enjoy. Bringing our members together at open days is an important part of […]