Pal-Mates … weekend web tip

V is for vitelline membrane. This is a gossamer-fine, multi layered, protein membrane separating the yolk from the white (albumen) in the egg. The fine twisted cord seen in the tweezer is one of the chalazae, holding the yolk in position. The developing embryo is attached to this membrane and floats to the surface — […]

Pal-Mates — weekend web tip

M is for Motherhood and Muscovy. As a broody duck, nothing can match the Muscovy. She’s a big bird, but able to be gentle and diligent.  Despite looking fierce, with warty red caruncles around their faces, Muscovies are usually a quiet breed. The wild Muscovy, Cairina moschata, originates in South America and is a mainly […]

Spanish Marbled Duck numbers recovering

a brood of Marbled Duck

It is nice to have good news for a change. It seems the numbers of Marbled Ducks breeding in Spain are rising after a decade of serious decline. Read the full report from BirdGuides here.