Newly Accepted Breeds/Colours

Although these breeds and colours are far from new, they are not listed in the current printed BWA Waterfowl Standards. They represent a slight expansion on the descriptions published in the 7th Edition of British Poultry Standards, 2018.  These four are included in the Exhibitor of the Year scheme and have classes at all qualifying […]

British Waterfowl Standards

From its inauguration (as The Waterfowl Club) in 1887, the British Waterfowl Association has continued to play a key role in producing the Waterfowl Standards, from the Poultry Club Standards of 1901 to this 2008 edition. This edition contains major revisions in format, terminology, historical information and structure, including graded judging defects and colour genotypes. […]


Entries in this classified index can only be posted by members, but can be viewed by anyone. There is a charge of £20 a year. You may submit an entry from the Member Area page. Please mention these pages if you contact a breeder. Thank you. Filter by County Bedfordshire Cambridgeshire Carmarthenshire Cornwall Devon Dorset […]

Members’ Adverts

montage of birds for sale

Members of the BWA are invited to advertise any birds/equipment they have available for sale. There is no charge. You can submit your advert via the Member Area.   •  Bird flu  • Before considering moving birds or equipment, do check whether they are in a restricted zone where this may not be permitted. These […]

First Time?

Be ready for your new arrivals — Morag Jones Getting your first birds is exciting but we do need to put their needs first.  Time spent on research is never wasted, so make sure you choose the right breed or species and have everything in place for their arrival. Pens and predator protection Waterfowl are […]


Time spent on research is never wasted! Marketplace is where you can find information about what to buy and where to buy. You will get most enjoyment out of your birds if you are ready for their arrival. We strongly urge new keepers to be prepared and everyone, however experienced, to routinely review their husbandry […]