Pal-Mates weekend web tip

Planning a new pond? When it comes to water, quantity is important but quality is vital. Dabbling ducks spend most of their time on the surface, but many others naturally wish to dive. They will appreciate deeper water to express their natural behaviour. Don’t forget to plan in a method of emptying the pond. At some point you’ll need to remove sludge from the bottom, it smells foul, but makes fabulous fertiliser and can be spread or pumped onto the grass or garden. See more about pond design on our ponds page.
D for ducks, ducks and more ducks. Diving ducks in particular. Nowadays we call the tribe Aythyini as the diving ducks. However, the deepest observed divers are sea ducks; the Long-tailed Ducks and King Eiders, recorded at more than 70 metres. 
Long-tailed Ducks by Archibald Thorburn, 1911 and King Eiders by John Gillle Millais 1913