• Waterfowl Magazine: Our high quality informative magazine is produced three times a year, offering advice, information and exchange of views. Topics are split between domestic and wild waterfowl, current news, reference and of course something for junior members too.
  • Breeder Directory: A comprehensive list of waterfowl breeders is distributed to all members every other year. Members can advertise their stock on the Birds for Sale pages and have listings as breeders.
  • Open Days: Meet breeders and interesting waterfowl collections across the country, often not open to the public. Practical sessions are great for new keepers and old hands alike.
  • Local Contacts:Keep in touch with a network of members and attend local gatherings. Local representatives can help you with issues in your local area.
  • Help and Advice: Our experts are on hand with help and support. We can assist with all topics relating to keeping waterfowl.
  • Website: This site is freely available to all. We hope the content benefits the birds and their welfare. There is additional content available to members. 
  • Champion Waterfowl Exhibition: Our flagship waterfowl show takes places annually on the first Sunday of November.  Members show their ducks and geese, and there is the opportunity to sell surplus stock in the sales section.
  • Representation: Your support enables the BWA to act nationally to protect members’ interests.