Forest Ducks

The Forest Duck is one of Belgium’s most beautiful breeds. It was created in 1890 by Sir Herman Bertrand. Unfortunately, almost all the Forest Ducks were slaughtered and eaten during WWI, also so were many in England. Only in Belgium were there a few ducks who had survived that global war.

In 1933 the official standard was created. In addition to the original Blue-laced colour, this was also the first time the other existing colours were mentioned. There was notion of black, blue, blue-laced, chocolate, white, pearl grey and even more colours of Forest Ducks. To compete with the upcoming industrial breeds, the Forest was also crossbred with Indian Runners to improve their laying skills.

The remaining population was again unfortunately slaughtered, because of WWII. It was only in the 1960’s that a few hard-working breeders tried their best to bring this magnificent duck back to life. Today the Forest Duck is having a comeback.

Chocolate and Black Forest Ducks
Chocolate and Black Forest group — Aaron Van Cauwenberge