Champion Waterfowl 2020

Class winner — 88, Muscovy duck from Jaco van Wyk

Class no 5 — Heavy Ducks

For the birds entered here, the best of breed are:

AYLESBURY  60, John Richards                                         

BLUE SWEDISH  64, Emily Kaye                                              

CAYUGA  74, Mark Rubery

  Highly Commended  66, Sabina Richardson  

PEKIN  98, Kelly Millar

  Highly Commended  102, Glyn & Ceri Owen

MUSCOVY  88, Jaco van Wyk                                         

ROUEN  106, Cole/Keswick

SAXONY  108, Penrhiwgarn

SILVER APPLEYARD  111, Penrhiwgarn

Enjoy all the birds from this and the other classes. Hopefully, we can be together again in 2021.