Champion Waterfowl 2020

Class winner — Blue Mallard duck from Peter Hamill

Class no 11 — Coloured Call Ducks

The Call Duck is the smallest breed of domestic duck, weighing less than a kilo. What they lack in stature, they make up for in noise! Live shows can be really noisy and full of atmosphere. We have resisted the temptation to add an audio track to these pages.

For the birds entered here, the best of colour are:

APPLEYARD  186, Tony Axon                                      

APRICOT  193, Sabina Richardson                         

APRICOT APPLEYARD 194, Sam Gaukroger

APRICOT SILVER   200, Amy McConville                        

BIBBED  201, John Richards                                  

BLUE  204, Emily Kaye                                    

BLUE MALLARD  208, Peter Hamill                                 

BLUE SILVER  211, Amy McConville                            

BUFF  212, The Mayers Family                        

MAGPIE   213, John Richards                               

MALLARD   225, Peter Hamill

SILVER   233, Amy McConville                            

YELLOW BELLY  234, Sabina Richardson

Enjoy all the birds from this and the other classes. Hopefully, we can be together again in 2021.

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There were no entries in class 4: non-standard Geese.