Double blue dilution

Apricot Trout is a double blue dilution on the light phase wild type Mallard. The colour possibilities of Mallard ducks and their (domesticated) descendants are the same, regardless of the breed. Around half of the standardised colour varieties are influenced by the action of blue or brown alleles. These work to dilute one of the base patterns which are dark phase, light phase and harlequin phase. We have standardised the use of the names Blue, Apricot, Brown and Buff to describe the action of the three dilution alleles on each base pattern, making colour breeding clearer and understandable for all.

Isn't it fascinating that at such a young age, this duckling has that characteristic Indian runner stance? Maybe we will see it in a few months at our Champion Waterfowl Exhibition at Stroud on Sunday 3rd November.

Apricot Trout Runner duckling
Apricot Trout Runner duckling
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