A popular calling

Just what is it that makes the Call duck so popular? These small, cobby, gobby and bright birds regularly make up the greatest proportion of exhibits at waterfowl shows. Weighing in at a little more than half a kilo, they make up for it in noise. Also known as Decoy Ducks, the first word comes from the Dutch language "de" +‎ "kooi", literally "the cage", due to their use in duck decoys, structures used to catch wildfowl, consisting of a central pond and radiating water-filled arms. The noise of the tame residents entices wild birds to the pond, giving them a false sense of security, and allowing them to be easily captured. In the Seventeenth Century, they had already been selected for their voice and size: smaller birds were easier to transport. The Magpie is a particularly challenging colour to get right.

On the 3rd November, the sound of some of the very best will be carrying around Stratford Park Leisure Centre Stroud from the hundreds that will be gathered at our 32nd Champion Waterfowl Exhibition.

Black Magpie Calls — challenging to get right.