A bit of Khaki is still fashionable

The Khaki Campbell is a well-known name today, good pure strains are worth preserving.

Although there is a strict standard for exhibition birds, many generic brown ducks are mis-sold as Khaki Campbells. The two marked colours of Campbell (Khaki and Dark) are dusky mallard; Khakis also have a brown dilution. Dusky Mallard, Khaki and White are also standardised for Calls, which share the same colour genotype; just being a different shape. Campbells have no eyestripes, and their speculum is never brightly coloured.

The Khaki Campbell, developed early last century, proved to be very agile, very fertile and extremely prolific. It has spawned many variants: the White Campbell, the Dark Campbell, the Welsh Harlequin (a simple mutation of the original Khaki), the Abacot Ranger (a cross back to a Runner) and the Whaylesbury hybrid (Harlequin and Aylesbury).

A group of ducklings; some could be Khaki Campbells but one certainly is not.
Are brown ducks necessarily what they seem? — Morag Jones