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Spotted Whistling Duck

Spotted Whistling Ducks standing on a nest box like a tree trunk
Spotted Whistling Ducks — Ian Gereg

Dendrocygna guttata

These are birds with an endearing personality and can actively seek your company. This socialisation does not seem to affect their natural pair-bonding though. The Spotted Whistling Duck can have several clutches each year.

Perhaps one reason that they are not as common in collections all over the country is that they are not quite as hardy as some species. You should anticipate giving them supplementary heat in the harshest weather, or house them indoors over the winter.

Spotted whistling ducks inder heat
Spotted Whistling Ducks under heat — Morag Jones

Ring Size


This size is only a guide. Please read more about ringing here.

Along with other whistling ducks, sociability may be forgotton in the long breeding season. They can clear the pond of other mild-mannered birds. Spotted Whistling Ducks can have 3 clutches a year, but 2 is more normal. An average of 10 eggs are incubated by both parents for 28 to 31 days.