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Red-billed Teal

Red-billed Pintail
Red-billed Teal or Pintail - Alex Levitskiy

Red-billed Teal are usually considered to be closely related to the White-cheeked (Bahama) Pintail A. bahamensis.

Red-billed teal group swimming
Red-billed Teal - Ian Gereg

Anas erythrorhyncha

The Red-billed Teal, sometimes known as Red-billed Pintail, is a non-migratory, African species. They can be found in fresh water lakes, ponds and streams in their homeland. They follow water, as levels fluctuate in the African seasons. This means travelling considerable distances in the quest for water.

Red-billed Teal - BWA

This species is monomorphic, meaning both sexes look the same. They are greyish, with flank feathers showing light brown lacing.  They are named for their uniquely coloured bill, which is bright red, with a dark stripe down the centre. They also have a very prominent white patch on the cheek.

swimming red-billed teal calling
Red-billed Teal - Ian Gereg

Red-billed Teal are readily available in captivity. As with other dabblers, they will nest readily in vegetation, or utilize nest boxes. The clutch size is 5-10 eggs and the duck incubates for 25-28 days. Although the duck looks after her clutch, sometimes the drake hangs around as the family grows.