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Pomeranian Goose

Pomeranian Geese — Alec Grey
Alec Grey with a champion goose

Medium breed

Domesticated Greylag Goose Anser anser

The Pomeranian is strictly a type rather than a colour. This breed is standardised in Germany, as Pommerngans, in white, whole grey and greyback. In the UK, Greyback is the popular colour, but the grey is equally popular on the continent.

The greyback Pomeranian differs from the UK Greyback in that the undercarriage has a single, central lobe in the Pomeranian. The German birds also have a distinctive, bold head, and an orange-pink bill – rather than just plain orange.

Pomeranian Gander defending
Pomeranian gander defending — Llŷr Davies

In the Greyback, both sexes show patches of their wild Greylag ancestor’s colour in their plumage, the markings being the result of the spot gene.

famil of Pomeranian geese in a field
Pomeranian Goose family — Alec Grey

The stong-chested appearance of the modern Pomeranian has been arrived at by careful selection to provide breast meat and fat, and this has given it the distictive shape.

Pomeranian geese flapping their wings
Pomeranian Geese — Alec Grey

At an average weight of 7-8 kgs, Pomeranian Geese make excellent guard geese. Good strains may lay more than 70 eggs in a year.