Virtual Show Rules

  • We expect birds to be in an informal setting at your own facility rather than at a show.
  • For each bird, you need to show the whole bird in side view. You may submit up to 3 others as appropriate, to show the fit with the standards.
  • Photograph files of purebred birds must be named with the breed and, where appropriate, colour.
    Entries missing this information will be judged in the pet class by default.
  • Photographs must not be digitally enhanced.
  • There is no charge for entries and you can submit entries for as many birds as you like.
  • Photos must be taken this year and the birds must be the property of the exhibitor.
  • Each bird can only be entered in one class + junior (under 16) if appropriate.

Entries will be judged by a panel of qualified judges.
We reserve the right to split classes as appropriate.

The deadline is noon on 1st November 2020

If you are a regular on the show circuit, you will already know our team:

Show managers — Sue and Geoff Chase

Managing show entries since the turn of the century!

Contact the show team here.

Championship judge — Roy Pryce

Judging at Stroud in 2019
Tom Davis
Val Kitt

Just in case you have not got a copy of British Waterfowl Standards, we still have some available. 

Show us the cream of this year’s crop!

Select your class

1. Heavy goose/gander
2. Medium goose/gander
3. Light goose/gander
4. Non-standard purebred goose/gander (state breed/colour)
5. Heavy duck/drake
6. Light duck/drake
7. Bantam duck/drake
8. White Runner
9. Coloured Runner
10. White Call
11. Coloured Call
12. Non-standard purebred duck/drake (state breed/colour)
13. Pet waterfowl
14. Junior (under 16) exhibitor
15. Eggs

Entry is open to all and is free, but we welcome donations if you would like to contribute towards the cost of prizes.

Rosettes will be awarded for

Best heavy goose/gander
Best medium goose/gander
Best light goose/gander

  • Section: Best goose/gander
  • Section: Best heavy duck/drake
  • Section: Best light duck/drake
  • Section: Best bantam duck/drake

Best White Runner

Best coloured Runner

  • Section: Best Runner

Best white Call
Best coloured Call

  • Section: Best Call

Best pet
Best junior
Best duck/drake

Best egg exhibit — plus £5 cash prize donated by Marc le Cercq

  • Reserve Show Champion
  • Supreme Show Champion

New to showing?

A bird in good condition is pretty much in show condition. Exhibition breeds and colours are standardised, with their ‘specifications’ set out in British Waterfowl Standards, or on our website for the recently accepted ones. These explain the basic genotype of the breed and how it should look. Judges look for how well the bird displays all these characteristics, as well as its overall condition. If all the features set out in the standard are good in your bird, you could have a winner!

Features might include:

  • Shape of the head, bill and neck
  • How the bird holds itself (carriage)
  • Body shape
  • Paunch (in geese)
  • Colour and shape of the wings
  • Colour of eyes
  • Shape and colour of the tail
  • Type of plumage
  • Colour and size of legs and feet
  • Colour pattern overall

How to take the pictures

For each entry, we are looking for a clear photo of the whole bird. This main picture would normally be from the side. Birds look best in an informal setting, but we do understand that some breeds may need to be confined. We would really appreciate you restricting the file size of each picture to about 1MB. We need to be able to identify the file of your picture, eg. ‘Magpie pic 1’ or ‘Bird 2 Roman Gander face’. Otherwise it will be judged in the Pet Class.

maybe …

… your breed’s standard calls for blue eyes — and your bird is a stonker. Or perhaps it should have forehead and crown clearly grained with dark brown, or have a complete neck ring …

at the other end …

… some geese should have a double paunch, we’d expect to see this, or perhaps the breed should have pink feet …

It is worthwhile showing areas where faults may be expected in the variety. Show us how your bird excels.

Eggs should be displayed on a plain background, such as sand or wood shavings. Either a single egg or a trio, they can be white or coloured.

You can send us up to 3 extra pictures in addition to the one of the whole bird. Just make sure you label them!

Remember that we will be judging to the criteria set out for standard breeds — pet exhibits and unlabelled photos will be judged on condition alone.

Great! You’ve taken your pictures, now send them to us along with this form.

If you have several entries, WeTransfer is easy to use.

There is no charge for entries, but if you care to make a donation it would be appreciated.

  • Entries will be judged by a panel of qualified judges

  • We reserve the right to split classes as appropriate

  • The deadline is noon on 1st November 2020